Knowing God and the Bible

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

God is our creator and he has always desired that we would have a close relationship with him, to know him deeply and personally. That is why he gave us the Bible, an incredible book unlike any other. It shares about the beginning and also the end. It answers life's big questions. Most importantly, God makes himself known to us and shows us his incredible love for us - a love that had him send his only son, Jesus, to this world to pay the price for our sins.

As parents, if we want to do a good job discipling our children, then we need to start here. We need to know God and be transformed daily by reading the Bible.


God created a perfect world, but it wasn't long before man disobeyed his command and sin entered the world. God, who is just, could not leave this sin unpunished. Yet, God, who is also love, could not abandon his creation. This is where Jesus and the cross collide in his amazing plan of salvation.


Our salvation through faith in Jesus is just the beginning! God doesn't leave us in our sins. No, the Holy Spirit transforms us from the inside out as we read the Bible. There is nothing more critical to our faith than being in God's Word and letting its truths lay the foundation of every area of our lives.

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