Equipping Christian Parents to Fight for the Next Generation

The most important thing to us as Christian parents is that our children believe in Jesus.

Sadly, statistics show that more than 60% of kids raised in Christian homes will walk away from the faith by adulthood.

Our tendency is to think that this won't be true for our children, but what gives us that confidence? Are our kids really prepared to stand in a skeptical culture and boldly follow Jesus in an increasingly dark world?

How To Fight back for your kids

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Step One: Understand the Problem

There are many reasons our young people are leaving the Christian faith. In order to fight back for them, we need to understand the problem.


Step Two: Discover the Solution

As humans, we look to ourselves for answers and solutions. Yet, in this battle, we need to dive into the Bible and see what God says we need to do to win.

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Step Three: Join the Battle

Chosen Gen is fighting for the next generation and it is our mission to encourage and equip parents. Discover simple ways to get started instantly.

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t's time to rise up. It's time to conform our lives to the Bible. This podcast episode looks at the important role men play in fighting for the next generation and how women can help to encourage them to succeed. There is real power, joy, and adventure when we rise up to God's calling!

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Virginity vs. Purity

If we emphasize that the main goal of a young Christian is to merely maintain your virginity until marriage, then we are missing the boat… BIG TIME. Christians shouldn’t be solely pursuing virginity, but rather aiming for a life of purity.

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Adventure Log

Faith or Fear

This past month felt oddly reminiscent of my years working on a high ropes course during college. It’s easy to have faith in safety harnesses and aircraft cables when you are standing on the ground getting ready. However, as soon as you are thirty feet off the ground and asked to step off the safety of the platform, everything changes. We felt like God had put us on the platform. What would we do? Would we have faith or fear?

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