Equipping Christian Parents to Fight for the Next Generation

There is Hope for the Next Generation!

The state of the culture and the headlines about the next generation are alarming. Yet, there is real hope for our children when we understand why these things are happening, remember who God is, and discover how to fight back biblically.

Mission of Chosen Gen

Chosen Gen is fighting for the next generation by encouraging and equipping parents
to pass on their faith to their children through discipleship.

Encouraging and equipping Parents

Chosen Gen is with you on the parenting journey. We have created resources to encourage you in your Christian faith and equip you to disciple your kids to be life-long followers of Jesus.

Discipleship Parenting Podcast

A weekly podcast hosted by the founders of Chosen Gen meant to encourage parents to live out the Bible with boldness and joy as they disciple the next generation in their homes.

Sojourn Family Bible Studies

A quarterly Bible study for families focused on discipleship. Sojourn studies are are unique, engaging, and cover today’s relevant topics. Sign-up and download the latest series for free.

Stand Articles

A growing collection of articles focused on addressing cultural topics from a biblical viewpoint so we can confidently and lovingly stand on its authority in a constantly changing culture.

The Cove

A special place on our website for donors that shares a more personal side of Chosen Gen and provides an opportunity for supporters to be more directly involved in the ministry.