Equipping Christian Parents to Fight for the Next Generation

The next generation are your kids and statistics show that more than 60% of them will walk away from the Christian faith before they reach adulthood. Our tendency is to think that this won't be true for our children, but what gives us that confidence? Are our kids really prepared to stand in a skeptical culture and boldly follow Jesus in an increasingly dark world?

In the Bible, God gives parents the responsibility to pass on their faith to their children. This isn't accomplished with one hour of church each week, but is a 24/7 calling to teach our kids the truths of the Bible and model how to be a follower of Jesus. We refer to this as discipleship parenting and it is when we return to this biblical mandate that we will fight for the next generation and win!

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Discipleship Parenting Podcast

Episode 54: The Letters - You Have a Reputation

"I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. Wake up!" In the letter to Sardis, Jesus gives this church a strong rebuke. By all their outward appearances, this church seemed to be thriving, but in reality they were spiritually dead. What is your reputation? Would God agree? Let's hear the words of Jesus to Sardis and wake up!

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Adventure Log

Journaling The Chosen Gen Adventure

Following Jesus, no matter where he leads, is quite the adventure. We are on this journey alongside each one of you. Keeping a strong marriage, raising (and homeschooling) five kids, and founding a ministry are the missions God has us living right now. Follow along on our personal adventure and see what God's been teaching us. 

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