Sojourn Family Bible Studies

The noise of the world is constant and everywhere. We’ve grown so used to it that we don’t even realize it has affected our mindset and our faith. We need a sojourn – a temporary stay – away from the noise. Gather your family and enjoy a sojourn with God. Then, rise up – ready to live out your Christian faith as a family.

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Chosen Gen provides the latest Sojourn Family Bible Study for free! All you need to do is sign up with your email to receive the code to access the study.


God saw all that he had made, and it was very good (Genesis 1:31a). Join us as we take a deeper look at God's incredible, intentional design in this three week study. Topics: Creation Testifies, Marriage Declares, Life Proclaims.

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Sojourn is a family Bible study focused on discipleship

Sojourn Bible studies take the rich truths of the Bible and make them understandable by tying all of Scripture together and incorporating discussions, activities, and videos. They are specifically focused on topics that are relevant to our lives and the challenges of today. There are two parts to each study. First, is a husband and wife study. Second, is a study for parents to lead with their kids.

Part 1: Couples Bible Study

Husbands and wives need to be studying God’s Word together. Not only will this bless your relationship with God, but it will strengthen your marriage as it is built on a biblical foundation. It also equips you to pass on your faith to your children. So, grab a cup of coffee, find your favorite spot, turn off all the distractions, and be encouraged, challenged, and emboldened as you study the Bible with your best friend.

Part 2: Kids Bible Study

Your kids need discipling – to see through your words and actions what it means to follow Jesus. The second part of Sojourn is engaging, doable Bible studies that parents lead with their kids. We take the same truths discussed in the parent studies, but package them uniquely for each age group: 2-10 years and 11-18 years. Studying the Bible and sharing your faith with your kids is a real blessing to enjoy!

Sojourn Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Sojourn Family Bible Studies cost?
Chosen Gen offers the latest Sojourn Bible study for free! All you need to do is sign up to receive the code to access and download the study. It remains free until the next Bible study is released. At that point, the current study will go for sale in our store and the new one is available for free to Sojourn subscribers.

Once I fill out the sign-up form, what happens?
Once you fill out the form with your name and email and click the Sign Up button, you will receive a welcome email from Chosen Gen with a code you’ll need to access the Bible studies. When you arrive on the secure landing page, simply enter the code and you will be allowed access to the Bible studies page where you can download the studies. You can print them or just view the PDF on your mobile device.

How long do the studies take?
The couples portion of the study is designed to take approximately 30-60 minutes. The study for kids should take 15-30 minutes depending on the age group.

Do you have any advice on doing Sojourn Bible studies?
It is always exciting to sign up and download a study, but then the real challenge begins – when to actually do it. Suddenly, a couple days or even weeks have gone by and you still haven’t done it. Don’t give up! Do whatever it takes to make time to do Sojourn with your spouse and kids. One last tip: make it through the entire series. The weeks all go together and build off one another, so persevere to the end.