Our Story

Our adventure together began our first day of class freshmen year of college. We sat next to each other in theology class (match made in heaven?) and the rest was history. We dated all throughout college and got married after our graduation.

We spent over seven years serving our local church as youth leaders and during that time God also blessed us with a handful of children. During our time in youth ministry and now raising our own family, God has opened up our eyes to the desperate need in the next generation of the Church. We’ve seen a stream of young people, who we’ve watched grow up in the pews next to us, went to Christian schools, and attended youth ministry, walk away from the church and ultimately from the Savior who loves them so much. Our hearts are broken over this exodus of young people. God has put a burden on our hearts to fight back for the next generation. We cannot sit by and hope that our kids and our friends’ children will be the exceptions to the over 60% of young people leaving true life in Jesus for the counterfeit pleasures of the world.


We believe that a life truly lived is one lived with complete abandon for our Savior and Lord, Jesus. There is nothing that compares with knowing him and seeing him working in our simple, imperfect lives. Through the highs and lows of life, miscarriages, illnesses, homeschooling, foster care and adoption, God has continued to draw us closer to himself. Not only that, but he has shown us, over and over, that there is nothing better we can do with our lives than to leverage everything God has given us - our gifts, talents, money and time - for the sake of building God’s kingdom. This means sharing the good news of Jesus and boldly teaching and training others to not only know the truths of the Bible but to build their entire lives around it.

So that’s where we come to Chosen Gen. We feel very strongly that God has burdened us over the next generation for a reason.

We feel God has placed a mission on our heart to fight back for the next generation.

We believe the hope for the next generation is found when we go back to God’s way of doing things. That victory only happens through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit working in our children’s lives. It hits home in their adolescent years when they see that the truths of the Bible aren’t merely something mom and dad talk about, it’s the very core of everything they do. They understand the mission and urgency of sharing Jesus when they see our lives leveraged to share the Gospel in every situation God has placed us: at work, in our homes, in our communities and with our neighbors. It happens when we follow Jesus as broken, humble, willing disciples and then disciple our children to follow him the same way.

Our prayer is that God will use Chosen Gen to ignite a new movement of discipleship in our homes and that this next generation of Jesus followers would rise up and "declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light" (1 Peter 2:9).

Let’s keep running on this adventure of following Jesus!