Living a Life on Mission

From the moment of salvation until we reach the end of our life journey, following Jesus is an adventure. No, this is not a self-serving life, but one where we hand over our dreams and plans to God and agree to go where he leads and do as he directs. It is not an easy or comfortable life, but it is one where we need God daily and that brings us closer to him as we experience his faithfulness. Unfortunately, most people don't know about this path, but are cruising down the wide road of this world, living for self and chasing after temporary joys and pleasures.

Chosen Gen wants to show you the true life offered by God in the Bible. It matters for you, but also for your children. The life you live is the one your kids are most likely to follow and we want to disciple our children to follow Jesus and his ways.

Life on Mission

Our salvation found in Jesus and the Holy Spirit transforming us through the Bible will propel us into lives on mission. This is where our faith is more than head knowledge, but now impacts how we live every area of our lives. God has not only given us a mission, but has equipped us to live it out. 


As parents, we are discipling our kids every day whether we realize it or not. God has given us the responsibility to disciple our children to be followers of Jesus - teaching them the truths of the Bible and, equally important, showing them how to live it out each day.

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