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Discipleship Parenting Podcast

Our kids hear what we say, but, more importantly, they see what we do. In this dark world full of temptations; in this age of instant information and gratification, more than ever, our kids need us to show them what it looks like to follow Jesus. This podcast is not parenting tips and suggestions. It's diving into the Word of God, applying it to our lives, and ultimately learning how to live it out and pass it on to our children.

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"As a parent of young kids, this podcast has been eye opening as my husband and I are in the trenches of raising the next generation of believers. Each podcast leaves me with a sense of urgency as well as encouragement in my day to day life as a parent trying to raise my children knowing Christ. I come home with new ideas and information to share with my husband after each podcast and with a desire to not only hear God's Word, but to "live it out." Looking forward to hearing more!" - itunes review