Where are you at in your faith life?

Instructions: Take a few moments to assess which category resonates most with your faith life today. Then, explore the encouraging resources we have to support you as you follow Jesus and lead your kids to do the same! 

Who is Jesus


I have never been a Christian and don't know much about the Bible.
I'm a seeker with questions about Jesus and the Bible.
I grew up going to church, but stopped attending. However, I'm feeling ready to return. 
I know I want my kids to have a Christian faith, but where do I even start?

Why read the Bible


I believe in Jesus and I go to church, but, if I'm honest, my faith doesn't impact my life much. 
I feel like such a hypocrite because I'm trapped in sin.
I believe the Bible, but I'm intimidated to read it for myself and worry I won't understand it.


life on mission

Life on Mission:

I love Jesus and want to see more of his love, faith, and power in my life.
I read the Bible, but I'm struggling to understand how to live it out in this world.
I don't see how God can use me to serve him.
I see the need for my family to live out our faith more, I'm just not sure how to do that.