Encouragement as you live a life on mission. 

Sometimes we can get caught up feeling like following Jesus restricts us and keeps us from the fun the world seems to be having. However, the Bible says the exact opposite is true: it is in Christ that we find true joy and freedom in this life! We are free! Now what?

If we believe the good news of Jesus; that the son of God came to earth to live, to die, and to rise again for the forgiveness of all our sins, then it changes everything.

We know that prayer is important and powerful, but too often we can be lazy in our prayer life. This short video is meant to encourage Christians to recommit to being men and women of prayer and to remind us all of the awesome privilege we have as Christians to come before God with our prayers.

Serving together as a husband and wife has the opportunity to bless your marriage and strengthen your unity as a married couple. Not only that, but living out the calling God has put on your life with your spouse at your side is where marriage really finds its purpose. We encourage you to discover the blessing of running after God's plans for your life together.