Teen Bible Study Curriculum

Download relevant and engaging teen Bible studies for your group. We are continually working on developing new curriculum, so be sure to check back each month to see what's new. 

Learn about Our Curriculum

Putting together a weekly teen Bible study is a time consuming commitment. Pastors are often maxed out with their other responsibilities, while lay workers with full-time jobs are limited in how much they can give to a youth ministry. These realities make it hard for many churches to start or maintain a teen ministry.

This is why Chosen Gen offers teen Bible study curriculum. We want to provide this time consuming part so it is easier for new teen ministries to start, while also helping to support existing ones.

We aim to accomplish these objectives in our curriculum:

  • Focus on topics that are applicable to teen life
  • Use apologetics to equip teens to defend their faith in a skeptical world
  • Provide songs, team building activities and application games
  • Encourage and help develop teens’ prayer lives
  • Keep studies flexible and adaptable to fit individual teen ministries

How it works

Our entire ministry, including the curriculum, is wrapped around the idea that living for God is an amazing adventure. For your ease, each Bible study is broken down into these sections:

Check the Map

Before you go on any adventure, you need to understand where you are going. That is what this section does. It gives you the overview of the study, the main takeaways, and prayer suggestions for the opening.

Fuel Up

In order to have a successful journey, you need to have plenty of water. This section of our curriculum is intended to fill up the teens on life giving water: God’s Word. Fuel Up includes your opening activity and the Bible study.

Pack It Up

Water and gear are only useful if you bring them along. This section of our study strives to take what the teens have learned and apply it to their lives. The focus of this section is to make the Bible study personal.

Grab Your Light and Go!

You’ve checked the map, fueled up, and packed your bag, but the journey doesn't begin until you walk outside the door and go. This section aims to give teens practical ways of living out what they’ve just studied. God has a plan for each of their lives and we need to encourage them out the door.