Prayer for our Youth

Ways to Pray for Teens

Sexual struggles

Pray for:

  • Students struggling with addictions

    • Pornography

    • Drugs

    • Alcohol

  • Teens engaging in premarital sex

  • Students hiding unplanned pregnancies and the girls considering abortions

  • Students scarred by sexual abuse

  • Students struggling with and embracing homosexuality

Emotional struggles

Pray for:

  • Teens dealing with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, or cutting

  • Teens who struggle to find purpose and self-worth

  • Teens being bullied by friends or verbally abused at home

  • Teens that they would understand that they were fearfully and wonderfully made by their Creator with purpose and value


Pray that:

  • God would expose the lie of evolution

  • God would embolden Christian teachers and students to rise up and shine the light of Christ

  • Christian students would find strength to respectfully disagree with teachers who preach atheism and moral relativism

  • Christian students would be unashamed to tell their friends about the hope they have in Jesus and live out their faith bravely


Pray that:

  • God would strengthen the marriages of each of the teen's parents

  • God would give comfort and encouragement to teens whose parents are going through divorce

  • Christian families would actively read God’s Word together

  • Families who don’t know Jesus would have God's Word shared with them

The Culture

Pray that:

  • God would reveal the emptiness of all the idols that our society worship: sex, money, possession, sports, popularity, etc.

  • God would show the teens the amazing purpose and adventure he has for their lives