Chosen Gen is fighting for the next generation by encouraging and equipping parents to pass on their Christian faith to their children. We will win this battle when we return to discipleship parenting - teaching the truths of the Bible, boldly living them out, and standing on them.

The fight for our children

The statistics are in agreement. The next generation - our children - are walking away from the Christian faith right before our eyes. These statistics aren't just talking about other people's kids. No, they could be talking about your son or daughter. We must wake up and learn why this is happening and take steps as parents to stop it.

Why are Young People Leaving the Christian Faith?

There are five reasons that the next generation is walking away from God and it is crucial we know what those things are so we can fight against them.

Alarm Clock! It Could Be Your Kids

Wake up! With two-thirds of kids that grew up in Christian homes leaving the faith, we need to see that this statistic could end up being our son or daughter.

The battle plan

As we read many times in the Bible, mankind has a way of getting itself in trouble by abandoning God's good ways for their own. The solution is always to repent and turn back to living according to his Word. As Christian parents, we will win back our children when we return to discipleship parenting.

Encouraging and Equipping Parents

In order to pass on our faith to our kids and disciple them to be followers of Jesus, Christian parents need to be people committed to building their relationship with God. Chosen Gen aims to encourage parents by offering places and resources to grow and live out their faith in this increasingly dark world.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to find day-to-day encouragement from Chosen Gen, including spiritual growth, practical parenting articles, and the latest news from the culture that requires us to take a stand.


Chosen Gen workshops are a vital way to raise awareness to the real challenges facing our next generation. In addition, they will lay out the case for active discipleship and give practical steps for parents to start fighting back for their kids.

Discipleship Parenting Podcast

The Discipleship Parenting Podcast offers weekly encouragement from God’s Word to pursue a closer relationship with God and live out his commands, to keep pressing on in our faith, and to strive each day to disciple our kids to be followers of Jesus.


The store is an area that will continue to grow as God opens more doors and blesses us with the time and resources necessary. He has placed big ideas on our heart. Would you pray to God asking him if you should partner with us to make them possible?

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