Chosen Gen is fighting for the next generation by encouraging and equipping parents to pass on their Christian faith to their children.

The fight for our children

The statistics are in agreement. The next generation - our children - are walking away from the Christian faith right before our eyes. Let’s begin by learning why this is happening so we can take steps as parents to stop it.

Why are Young People Leaving the Christian Faith?

There are five reasons that the next generation is walking away from God and it is crucial we know what those things are so we can fight against them.

The battle plan

As we read many times in the Bible, mankind has a way of getting itself in trouble by abandoning God's good ways for their own. The solution is always to repent and turn back to living according to the Bible.

Are You Ready to Fight for Your Kids?

There are two parts to rising up and fighting this spiritual battle. Are you willing to humble yourself and take the necessary steps in your life to follow God’s plan.

Encouraging and Equipping Parents

God has burdened our heart for the next generation and placed a fire inside of us. Our mission is to encourage and equip parents as they rise up for their kids. Chosen Gen is on your team. Let’s join together in this fight!

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