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Discipleship Resources

Discipleship Resources for Parents, Pastors, Youth Workers and Teachers

Discipleship Resources

The next generation of the Church needs to see the Christian adults in their lives show them how to live passionately and boldly for Jesus. Utilize these tools to support and equip you as you live out your faith and actively disciple the next generation. 

parent Resources

Your life and actions have the single greatest impact on your children's faith. Use these resources to help and encourage you as you disciple them to be bold followers of Jesus. 


Discipleship Parenting Podcast

Our kids hear what we say, but, more importantly, they see what we do. So what does it look like to be a disciple of Jesus? 


Stay refreshed and challenged in your faith through Chosen Gen's blog posts.

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Jericho Initiative

The Jericho Initiative is a prayer movement to fight for the next generation at your local school.

Biblically Addressing the Culture

As Christians, we have the blessing of the TRUTH of God's Word and it speaks clarity into all the controversial issues of our time.

Church Resources

Youth ministries are a powerful way to impact young people and a great place to connect them to other Christians their age. Yet, they are time-consuming to do. Chosen Gen offers youth ministry curriculum that is engaging and challenging, so that you as a leader can focus on other things like building relationships with your teens.



Keep yourself educated on what teens are dealing with and equip yourself with the power of God's Word to address the struggles.

Youth ministry Resources

Engage the teens in youth ministry with Biblical, relevant, and engaging curriculum.