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Encouraging devotions, information on current teen topics, helpful resources, tips and more.

Forgive Us


Christian parents, our children, the next generation, are struggling and statistics show that 60% will leave the faith by adulthood. It is our turn to follow in King Josiah’s footsteps. Let us hear in humility how we have strayed from God and his good ways, and see the impact it is having on our children. Let us acknowledge our sins and repent, but then let’s take action to change things.

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Starting with Repentance - Video Blog


We all have the natural tendency to point fingers and place the blame for problems on others, and when we hear the statistic that 60% of young people are leaving the church, it's easy to do just that. However, we as parents have had a contributing factor to why we are seeing the young people leaving the church. But don't be discouraged! There is hope for the next generation, and it starts with repentance. 

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Over the past month, Justin and I have spent time praying, planning, and preparing to come into this new year with vision and resolve. Despite feeling more prepared than I have in the past, I find myself overwhelmed with one feeling: I’m inadequate.

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