Clean Your House

I woke up this morning to an amazingly clean house. Justin and I have five young kids so this is more rare than I’d like admit! But, yesterday was beautiful here in Wisconsin, so while the kids were out playing, I was able to get the house in great shape.

There is something wonderful about waking up to a clean house. I feel like my whole perspective on the day changes. I’m excited to focus on the kids and make them my priority. I’m usually willing to do a project or join them in some adventure or activity they love. On the contrary, when I wake up to a messy house, all I can think about is my checklist of cleaning and trying to get things in order. It’s hard to see the privilege of being with my kids because I struggle to see past the mess.

The same is true for sin in our lives. When we start each morning with our lives cluttered up by sin and its consequences, our lives are usually so self-focused. It’s hard to see beyond our own mess to the privilege of loving God and the people placed in our lives. Our mindset is on trying to get past the mess, not on reaching out to those around us. The forgiveness we withhold, the pride we try to protect, the pleasure we are living for, it all quickly consumes our time and energy without us even realizing it. We don’t wake up seeing the joy of spending time with God in his Word. We don’t see the opportunities to reach out to the the hurting and broken around us. We don’t see the privilege of discipling our own kids. Our focus is all thrown off.

While we’ll never be perfect until heaven, the Bible tells us that we no longer have to be slaves to sin. God gives us the strength through his Word and his Spirit to break the hold of sin in our life. Our enemy knows that sin’s entangling power is a great way to keep us Christians self-focused and ineffective in our mission of spreading the good news of Jesus. Let God’s Word sweep that entangling sin out of your life today. Clean the house. Start the day with a fresh perspective of the awesome mission God has for your life.

Keep running!