Lunch Time = God Time

It is so important that we find a time each day to get into God's Word. I have found that my lunch time is a great opportunity to read the Bible. I use a reading plan, which has me reading two chapters a day.

I also use this time to read other Christian books. Right now I am working my way through a book that Voice of the Martyrs recommended called "There's a Sheep in My Bathtub" by Brian Hogan. It is about missionaries that are trying to plant churches in Mongolia. I always find it encouraging and challenging to hear how other Christians are living out their faith around the world.

Some days I will also choose to work on Chosen Gen projects. We are hoping to make this ministry a legal non-profit at some point so I am getting familiar with the steps to make this happen by reading a book titled "Nonprofit Kit for Dummies," which is a perfect level for me. Ha!

The last thing I will do, usually once a month, is to write in my journal from Katy. I put prayer requests in it and also what God has been doing in my life and with Chosen Gen. It is valuable to do this because I am able to go back and reread old entries and see how God has answered my prayers and been working in my life.

So, I just want to encourage you to find time to read the Bible each day, whether that is in the morning before the day gets going, during lunch, or before heading to bed. There is no greater thing you could do during your day.