Is it a spiritual battle or just life?

We’ve been working through a podcast series about spiritual warfare and its reality in our life. It got Justin and I talking about how one determines whether something going on in life is spiritual warfare or just life. In the end we realized, does it really matter? As Christians, shouldn’t we go into any circumstance with the same mindset whether we know it’s a spiritual battle or not? 

  • Seek out God’s strength and wisdom in prayer.
  • Find truth that speaks into the situation in God’s Word.
  • Humble ourselves and take an honest look at our role in any situation. 

For example, maybe your marriage is feeling strained lately. You and your spouse are on a short fuse with one another and little things seem to keep becoming big things. We can try to fix what is going on in our marriage through our own strength or go at the problem in God’s power through prayer, reading the Bible and obeying what God has commanded us to do.

Or, maybe it’s your kids. You might be feeling frustrated and angry with your kids. Maybe you are really feeling the winter cooped-up-craziness. Instead of trying to figure out better activities or things to do with your kids, go into God’s Word first. Ask God to give you the peace that only he can give, no matter what is going on in your life. 

I think we’d be shocked what kind of changes we’d see in our lives if we let our first steps in any situation be to seek God first.