Perseverance and Adventure

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And just like that I blinked and it’s already past the 4th of July! How does this happen every year? Time sure has a way of flying by. I think that’s even more true now that we have five kids growing up faster than we can comprehend. I feel this same way with Chosen Gen. Last month marked our third anniversary of launching this ministry. I still can't believe it!

Chosen Gen was born out of a love God put in us for the next generation. During the seven years we worked with our church's youth ministry, God broke our hearts over the challenges that face the next generation and the sad reality of so many of them walking away from their faith by college. So, in our living room we started praying and drafting a business plan. How could we reach out to churches and show them how critical it was to fight for this next generation?

Now, three years later, we’ve spent countless late nights working after the kids are asleep, praying, reading the Bible, writing Bible studies, drafting e-mails, modifying the website, and other fun projects. We've struggled to make it all work - Chosen Gen on top of raising our own crew, homeschooling, and Justin working a 9-5 job to pay the bills. While life has been a whirlwind, God has been teaching and growing us, and directing the course of this ministry every step of the way. In some ways we are really surprised by where we are at today. We started with a focus on youth ministry, but now by God's directing we are a ministry for parents. Yet, our heart and Chosen Gen's mission has always remained the same - to fight for the next generation.

Here we are three years in. I can’t say we have smashing results to share on the impact of Chosen Gen. In fact, so often the message we feel God reminding us is to persevere and not give up despite the seeming lack of support. We are reminded and encouraged by missionaries who have served for years or even decades before seeing any harvest from their labors. So, we are digging in deeper, running even harder and asking God to start showing us some fruit budding on the Chosen Gen vine.

Finally, one thing we've been hesitant to share on Chosen Gen these past three years is our own personal adventure. We never want this ministry to be about us and to be honest, it’s intimidating to put your family out there in the public. Yet, in keeping our own life private, we wonder if we’ve missed an opportunity to connect and encourage you as you walk out your own life following Jesus each day. Being more open about about our personal life is new territory for us. We are not a special family. We are just a husband and wife with a love for God, a brood of five kids who are far from perfect, in a little house that struggles to hide that 7 people live in it. Yet, we serve a God who can do impossible things and we have seen him do the impossible in our life and continue to follow him, expecting to see more. We want to encourage you to see that God is still the same awesome God of the Bible. We can let go of our lives and place them in his hands. We can live by the promises of God knowing that he will not fail us. We can live with bold confidence that Jesus is all we really need. We’ve felt a strong push to be more open in sharing our small part in God’s story and we hope that it encourages you to step out boldly on the promises of the Bible as you follow Jesus in your own life. It is what you need and what your children need to see.

Thanks for coming along with us on our adventure! 

Let’s keep running together!